Embellish yourself, surround yourself with toy,
a color tv, a brand new car beaming with joy.
You can run but you can never flee.
The world is awaking.

Don’t you hear the nightingales chirping out of tune?
Spinning right out of the misery, winter is coming soon.
Can you keep your head together? Can you really do?
The world is awaking.

Perfect repression fences and walls,
eyes of obsession, temptation calls.
Copulate yourself with dullness and insanity.

Don’t you hear the echobeat beating out of time?
You’re the perfect dancer in this tango of crime.
Do you like your kind of living?
The world is awaking.

The world is awaking.
We’re going one step too far
and war is just ragin’ on and on and on.
(Round and round we’re turnin’).

So if you’d believe me brother,
if you can see the signs of love,
you should better awake right now.

Music by Hinkel
Lyrics by Hinkel/Freudenthaler