Home Again

Take your life, don’t waste it
Take it to a secret place and taste it
Open up your heart and all the senses that you’ve got
To find your way

Close your eyes and feel it
Listen to the voice inside and heal it
Even though sometimes you fear
You’ll lose yourself
Rely on what you feel
What do you feel?

It’s not what you think
It’s all that you’ve got
You’re not alone
It could be the end
You better look up
Never look down

You don´t know how to face it
You’re wishing you could turn back time
Replace it
Be yourself and don’t you run
A million miles away from here and now

You better watch out
You better look up
Don`t stay inside the lines
It’s everything you’ve got
You better get in
You better look up
Never look down

No matter what they‘re saying
run wild up there when you need it
Take the dust off my heart
Don’t you leave me alone
The only way to keep your soul is: feed it!
I don´t have to justify it
Don´t you leave me alone
Letting go is never easy – I know
My beating heart is echoing
I´ll see the fire again
But you will see the light again – again

You better watch out – Yeah
You better look up – Yeah
Don´t stay inside the lines
It´s everything you got
You better watch out
You better look up – Don´t stay inside the lines
You better get started now, you will make it somehow
Believe in what you´ve got
You need to get in
to your innermost needs
To the beating of your heart again

Don´t stop
You better Get started now
Are you ready or not
Get in.

Never look down

© Fools Garden – Original Songtext