Which aims do we have?

We support the band Fools Garden and, besides, have always the aim of increasing the prestige and reputation of the band and their works continuously.

“Closer To Fools Garden” – our name says it all! Therefore, we see ourselves as a connection between all music enthusiasts and the band Fools Garden.

Our members receive contemporarily current information about the band Fools Garden.

Due to our engagement we would like to promote the interest in rock and pop music.

From the first concert up to the fan club

It was a rainy day, on 28 November 2012, when six people met in Pforzheim, in the restaurant “Kupferhammer”, to found our fanclub. Although the evening started, due to a traffic jam on the A8, with a delay, we founding members had done a lot as we passed each other again, because the club was founded, the board voted and the statute was created.

But how did it come so far?
Everything had begun in Uhingen, on a cold November night in 2010 … The appearance of the band in the “Uditorium” was one of a series of concerts – unplugged, at candlelight and in a cozy comfortable living room atmosphere! Wrapped in a varied array of beautiful songs and as enchanted by Peter’s charm, the good mood and love of music, which was to be marked to all the band members, we (Andreas and Sonja) started our way home that night! We just had come out of interest, to spend some pleasant hours and went home as fans and proud owners of a hand-signed limited edition of the double CD “High Times”! Needless to say that the domestic CD player got only electricity and Fools Garden in the time afterwards!

Since that evening our collection of CD’s, EP’s and singles of Fools Garden – and of course also from Fool’s Garden – grows continuously, as well as the series of visits to concerts over time became longer: Pforzheim, Bielefeld , Dresden, Cham, Vienna, Moscow also Knittlingen, Mariaberg, Duisburg, Munich …. just to name a few!

On 26 June 2011, the group “Us for Fools Garden” was founded on facebook first, in November of the same year the profile and the site of the same group were added.

At a meeting with representatives of band and management on 30 October 2012, it was finally decided to found a new, additional fan club that shall carry the name “Closer To Fools Garden Fanclub”!

As a result we have sought and found “allies”, so that it came to the aforesaid meeting in the “Kupferhammer” – and then thus shuts the circle!

The previous group “Us for Fools Garden” is continued, on facebook,  meanwhile as “a circle of friends” of the fanclub (“Closer To Fools Garden Fanclub / Friends”), profile and site carry the name of the fanclub (“Closer to Fools Garden” or “Closer To Fools Garden Fanclub  e.V.”).

Dated 07 August 2013 our fanclub was registered in the association register of the district court of Göppingen and now bears  the name:
Closer To Fools Garden Fanclub e.V.

But a fanclub, of course, only gives pleasure, when it “grows and prospers” continuously, so now we already look forward to welcoming YOU in our midst! Faithful our motto:

be part of us, be …

Closer To Fools Garden

Text: Andreas & Sonja Demel