Noone’s Song

Here am I
sitting on wasted land.
From above maybe
I’d understand
why winds have changed
all my life.
Only I’ve remained.

Here you are waiting
for anything.
When will you get in.
All the lines have changed.
After all
only you’ve remained.

Where I am?
Wasn’t there anyone
passing by?
Hasn’t my life begun
in a world of change?

Slowly I overcome the range.
And now everything is strange,
I hardly realized
that anything has changed.
The world under my eyes
and all the pretty things
they stopped to be around.

There’s nothing left,
it seems they’re buried
in the ground.
When everything is lost
beyond the endless skies
there’s everything to find
until the morning dies.

‘Cause every step is change
with every single day.
We leave the world behind
before we fade away.

Life is so precious
don’t let them take it away.
Take it away.

Music & Lyrics by Hinkel/Freudenthaler